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Circuit Pilates combines the postural benefits of traditional Pilates (East Coast style) and a more high-energy, fast-paced cardio workout that offers quick results (West Coast style). 

The reason for creating this hybrid was that there was no system which incorporated the best of each.

If you have tried traditional Pilates but were a little bored or underwhelmed by the results, or if you are someone who has gone to a West Coast studio and found the workout to be too aggressive, then you will find a home here at Circuit Pilates. 

We will get you – and keep you – fit quickly and safely, whatever your current fitness level.

The way we ensure that everyone is maximizing and optimizing their workouts, is to do a critical analysis with each client (on request) before they start working out with us. This way we can learn about any particular issues you may have and demonstrate modifications for you to use in class.

This analysis, performed by our instructors, all of whom are fully qualified in both East and West Coast Pilates, will:

• Identify any imbalance in your body and inform you of how to correct it
• Give you help in designing the body you have always wanted.

• Teach you specific modifications that fit your individual needs, as well as learn which movements or exercises that might aggravate an already damaged area.
• Give you a results sheet itemizing specific exercises that will improve any imbalance or injury, what to do if an injury is aggravated, as well as exercises that you should avoid during the healing process.

We will be there to coach, protect, and inspire you throughout your time with us.